CRVPT is radical and fun.

History:  CRVPT is a theater group composed of writers,poets and artists.  The group was started in 2012 when Ish Klein consulted with Greg C. Purcell as to if he thought a poet’s theater group would work out.  He said to ask Stella.  Stella Corso said yes and that she had a friend Wilson (Yerxa) who would be interested in it too.  This is how it began.  We practice in the open air often.

Our numbers have grown: David Feinstein, John Sieracki (his torso is on the cover), Sarah Beth McAlpine, Andrew McAlpine, and Patrick Gaughan came onboard for our first production which was the play, In A Word, Faust which Ish Klein wrote.  It was performed at the  Flying Object in Hadley, MA.  Feb 22, 2014.

In 2015  Patrick Gaughan brought his production of Fast Five to the CRVPT.  Together with, Jonathan Volk, Rachel Hinkel.  Chris Lott, Colleen Louise Barry, Jessica Bonzek, and Ian Chace we had a great time racing with chairs and being reminded of family values.

This was followed by our Spring Cabaret 2015 where Wilson’s Oak Street play premiered which starred David Feinstein, Andrew McAlpine, Jessica Bonzek, Stella Corso and Ish Klein.  It was during the cabaret when Sarah Beth McAlpine’s Excitable Boy, music video and play premiered.  We had a great time stalling with the million dollar idea auction and hearing Patrick’s essay on bonding with art.  Ish Klein’s video, The Paper Masters which featured Jed Berry and Greg C. Purcell and Ish was also premiered.

In September of 2015, Ish Klein’s play Drummer 41 premiered at Laughing Dog bikes.  Casey Elizabeth Shanahan played Drummer 41, David Feinstein played Samuel Beckett, Stella Corso played Ayn Rand, Wilson Yerxa played Al, Greg C. Purcell played Evelyn Waugh and John Sieracki as Arthur Rimbaud.

Presently, we are  in pre-production for our 2018 for John Sieracki’s play entitled Blemishes.  More details soon.



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